Why Fad Diets Do Not Work

Fad diets come and fad diets go, but because everyone is always looking to lose those extra couple of pounds, they are always going to be popular by those who don't want to go the traditional diet route. Alas, though, most fad diets do not work. Even worse, the ones that do don't keep the weight off for too long. With all of the diet plans for women out there, it is important to recognize why most fad diets don't work. Here are four quick examples of why:

1. They Are Based On Idea, Not Fact

Most of the fad diets out there are based on the experience of one person, not science fact. This can mean a big variation of results between body types and metabolisms. Of course, the results of all diets are going to vary, but when it comes to fad diets, there is going to be even more variation because what shocks one system is not going to shock another, so to say.

2. They Don't Give Your Body What It Needs: Fuel

A lot of fad diets involve getting the last couple of pounds off before a major event. No matter how they want to "dress up" what they are doing, or talk about how it "cleans out your system", the fact is that a lot of fad diets involve starving yourself.

While these may help to get rid of some extra weight before an event, you may probably wonder "how much should I weigh". Before you contemplate cutting back severely on food, realize that your body needs fuel to exercise, and when you don't eat it your body cannot exercise properly.

3. You Gain Weight Back Really Quickly

Growing on the last point a bit, whenever you starve your body to lose weight, your body goes into a defense mode, so to say, meaning that it will try to replenish itself when you do start eating again.

This means that instead of working normally, your body is going to keep all of the fat and carbs that you eat for storage, meaning that you are likely to gain the weight back that you lost in a matter of weeks. This is why fad diets don't work for long term weight loss: your body is just going to get that weight back when one starts eating again.

4. They Can End Up Causing More Harm To Your Body Than Any Good

Another issue with fad diets is that they can end up doing your body a lot of harm. Whenever a diet involves the taking of supplements, or a routine that is going to try to "shock your system", it is important that one talks to their doctor before starting. Some health issues that a person is dealing with may worsen due to one of these diets.

5. The Fad Diets Crowd Out Products That Really Work

The fad diets draw so much attention on television and social media, that they actually crowd out the latest medical news. One prime example is Raspberry Ketones.

Dr. Oz was the first credible industry expert who broke important medical news regarding how raspberry ketones work - but it didn't get the attention it deserved. It was discovered that this product actually breaks up fat cells, and then the body burns the remnants to use as fuel.

You can watch the Dr. Oz Video and judge for yourself whether you caught this in the news.

He refers to it as his "Number one miracle in a bottle that will burn your fat". 


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